Milk Scandal: This is disgusting and hard to digest truth

Milk Scandal: This is disgusting and hard to digest truth.Are you one of those who buy products being under influence of those glorified advertisements? If Yes, you have been committing a mistake that can endanger your life even. Many of you will be still having doubts on this story but you will have to believe it as it has been aired by a mainstream channel.No sane mind can allow these multinational giants to make profit at cost of their life. It is not the first time as there have been many stories on internet about famous brands cheating their customers. Unfortunately, these brands have so much power in their hands that they can even make big channels dance on their tune.Many times, story of their corruption and hypocrisy has come on the surface but some unseen hand saves their grace every time. However, now is the time for us to join hands and teach them a lesson. Let us spread this shocking video so much that every Pakistani watches it and these commercial giants do not find any place to hide.

This video has been grabbed from a show in which an expert and consumer rights activist exposed the way synthetic milk is produced. He left the audience in shock by telling that it has nothing to do with vitamins and other nutritious elements. The synthetic is product of a powder that is dissolved in water.

He further revealed that this water is not clean even ultimately causing diseases like Diarrhea, Hepatitis B and C. Unfortunately, the concerned authorities have sealed their lips against this mafia. Reportedly, they are bribed by these culprits so health ministry and other concerned departments remain silent.

However, it will be not just to blame government and escape our own responsibilities. Many of us use this synthetic milk just save some pennies but they forget that it will cost them their lives. Let us raise voice and make our nation aware of this horrifying fact.

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