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Soch News Becareful: Dajjal at your door steps

Becareful: Dajjal at your door steps.The fitna of Dajjal or anti-Christ is discussed in our Holly books since the days before Christ. Here in 21st century we are standing on the edge of destruction. It can be world war 3 this time.But the amazing thing is the fact this wold war might not be by using an atomic bomb. However, this time wars will be fought on tables and also online and in media. The showbiz is also a part of it.

The stories of anti- Christ and it’s followers are very old. These sinners and satanic people still exist in between us. In east, these people usually live a low profile life and these come out in people. However in West specially in America these people have all the rights as the normal local people. They also have church named “The Church Of Satan.”

Dajjal is not present in front of our eyes but by the means or media and showbiz, our brains are already under training to surrender in front of Dajjal the day he will be shown up. This is a fact that the media enterprises and showbiz world is owned and controlled by these dark people who are using sublime messages now in order to control our brain.

Here is one perfect example of it. Have you ever think why Hollywood is called Hollywood?

What is Hollywood?It’s meaning is the magic stick or magic wooden band that can be seen in the movies as the witches start their magic by waving the stick in air. The Hollywood here in our life is working on the sample principle and it is creating magic in the life. This is the reason those people who watch TV and movies a lot usually have their brain in sleepy condition.

This affects your daily life and it dont allow you get involve in the daily activities of the life with full passion and determination. They also use sublime messages in cartoons that affect the minds and the neuron path ways in the brains. This affects the nature of the children and the way they feel and think about the world.

It simply means that via television and mass media the Dajjal is standing on your door steps and you are not even aware of it.