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November 15, 2014

soch News: Heart Broken Guy Surprises Everyone

Heart Broken Guy Surprises Everyone.You might have seen many incidents in which the lovers got separated by their families or society and they start living the life of a heart broken human being. But this heart broken guy surprised everyone by hurting himself on the wedding of her her beloved with someone else.There are a lot of people who assert that they can do anything for their loved ones but not all of them behave in the same manner when they loose their lovers. This man proved it as he behaved in a way no one could have expected as he starting hurting himself while dancing on a song on the wedding of her lover.

Right from the start of this video clip in which the man can be seen preparing to dance on a song at stage. However, one becomes surprised that there are several tube light rods are also placed on the stage apparently with no purpose.

But when the guy started dancing as the song progressed, he sat down, picked up one rod and broke it with his forehead. It surprised people as his forehead starts bleeding. But he did not care for the blood and kept on breaking the rods on his head.
He also tried to break a tube light rod with his teeth and got his lips hurt with the edge of the glass. Blood starts flowing from his lips and also from his head which made him look in a pitiful condition.

However, he did not let any sign of pain appear on his face and kept on dancing on the song in a completely absorbed way without any hesitation in front of a large number of people. Watch this video and you will also be among those who got surprised after watching it.