sochnews Entertainment: Humayun Saeed and Ushna Shah Caught

Humayun Saeed and Ushna Shah Caught. Humayun Saeed, who has become one of the most successful actors, directors and producers in Pakistan, fails to get rid of rumors about affairs and this time it is Ushna Shah who got involved in the matter. Ushna is a new actress in the showbiz world but she apparently using shortcuts to become successful in showbiz industry.

Speculations are circling around that Humayun and Ushna have been caught in a flat by Hymayun’s wife and he slipped away from the spot immediately.

What were both of them doing in that flat is a question that every critic asks and many of them thinks that Ushna wants to be in good books of Humayun to get more and more work in his production house. However, things turned out in a bad way for Ushna who was expecting to become an important part of Humayun’s production house.

Instead of getting more work in near future in Humayun’s production house, Ushna got a completely opposite result. Now she is expected to be out of work as the wife of Humayun Saeed would never let her work there. Reports are also that she punched Ushna on the face and left her cheek bone swollen.

Nonetheless, both Humayun and Ushna declared all these speculations only rumors and have denied any such fact. But the close one revealed this incident much before their clarification. The critics also ask the question that if they have not done anything wrong, what is the reason of giving clarifications.

Humayun has always been in news and the main topic usually is his affairs with different female celebrities. Though their might be some reality in these rumors but there are exaggerations of certain level as well that come from the professional rivals of Humayun Saeed.