sochnews entertainment: With Love From Girls to Boys

With Love From Girls to Boys. Opposites attract, not only talking about men but it is natural instinct of every human being to desire for opposite gender. However, it does not mean that one is allowed to cross the limits and make others feel uncomfortable. Its completely normal if someone is attracted to someone but it is also completely abnormal if you start irritating the other one with your uncontrollable desire.

Same was the case in this video as boys could not control their gaze hence got slapped from girls. This compilation was shared on a facebook page and it has become the topic of discussion on every leading forum on internet. This video may make you laugh but you should go beyond and think on the message inside.

This was a social awareness message in which boys were told not to throw a greedy look on girls. Girls are just the opposite gender to boys and they are not from some other planet so stop staring their body. Those who cannot control their eyes, must get a lesson as the boys in this video get.

Not only in third world countries but girls are harassed in developed countries as well. There are lot of surveys and test videos on internet when a girl went out and hidden camera recorded obnoxious comments and remarks by men. This must be stopped as this can happen to anyone’s own sister or mother.