November 29, 2014

sochnews: Love, Friendship and Money

خبر دوستوں سے شیئر کریں

Love, Friendship and Money. If you think real love exist in today’s life then you are so much wrong about many things. What everyone today care about is only money. Every man should be financially strong.

To fulfil the desires of a woman, you must be wealthy; so much wealthy. This is not an article to show you ‘how to save more money for your wife’ or ‘how to be rich saving thousands of dollars’. Rather this article will describe the real feeling of a boy who almost get notorious after a funny incident with his girlfriend.

On the fine day he was in his girl friend’s apartment. Suddenly her girl friend shouted so loudly and neighbourhood gathered to inquire the reason behind it. There might be fight between boy and girl but this fight was related to financial stress. Boy was pretending to do nothing but free all the time. Girl was quite mad at boy because he had done nothing to fulfil her desires.
Boy pretend to be poor because he wanted to give a shock to her girl related to money. On the fine day girl break the ice and started throwing his boyfriend’s luggage out of the window.

However her boy friend was standing right out side her apartment. After watching the situation in the street, neighbours kept laughing on boy because of his face reaction to girl.

He tried his best to stop her from throwing his luggage but she could resist. Now after throwing some things she brought his guitar and threw it out of the window. Plot: There was no guitar in the bag but money. When she see the money inside the bag she chants “Janu, I was kidding.”

Boy got disappointed, he picked the bag and walk away from her. Rest of the facial expressions of the boy and girl you can watch in the above mention video clip.