Amazing job interview in London

Amazing job interview in London. London is one the biggest cities in the world and its population is increasing with every passing day. The biggest reason is the number of immigrants who fly to this city of dreams in quest of lucrative jobs and future. This city never disappoints anyone as majority of the people make both ends meet easily.
However, it is never a smooth road to a luxurious life in London as you have to feel pain to gain something. If you are lucky enough to get a call for job interview, it does not mean that you are getting the place. You may have to bear some unwanted situations and demands. Check out an exclusive footage in which contestants were tested hard.

This was actually an advertisement or publicity stunt in London created by LG television makers. They wanted to register their best picture quality in the market and they come up with this crazy yet super effective idea. You will be amazed to see the reactions of the contestants especially females. Hope you enjoy the video and do share this to spread smiles further.