Bollywood Celebrities Show Anger on Leakage of Pics

Bollywood Celebrities Show Anger on Leakage of Pics. Mumbai: Bollywood celebrities are furious on publishing their personal pictures in leading newspapers of India and they are thinking seriously to sue newspapers on trying to damage their repute. Recently stylish model and Indian film actress Deepika Padukone showed anger on publishing her cleavage pictures in renowned newspaper of the country. The pictures were taken from SAGA where the model went for film promotion.
There are few more embarrassing pictures of Bollywood stars that have been leaked and published in leading news papers earlier. Few of the pictures are new and few are old times memory of Bollywood celebrities. The media houses don’t seem to be concerned about the reaction of the celebrities on publishing their private pictures.

Renowned film actor Shakti Kapoor is also in this list where he wore just towel on body as he liked wild life. He has done couple of films as wearing wild life clothes and in the picture you will see more than the film shooting. Govinda, Karishma Kapoor and black beauty Rekha all have their embarrassing pictures in the leaked list.

The above mentioned celebrities have reached to their prime time of the career and few of them are busy in their lives other than doing films in Bollywood. Few more celebrities like Madhuri Dixit and Jackie Shroff also lie in the list and you would be surprised to see their embarrassing moments captured in pictures.

This is not the first time when leading newspapers of India published the personals pictures of celebrities. They have done in the past and it looks like they won’t stop in future even if they face furious reactions of the Bollywood celebrities. In this case Deepika Padukone reacted furiously and they boycott the newspapers who have published her awkward pose. Now how newspaper will handle the situation only time will tell.

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