A Day Of Judgement Qayamat Documentry

A Day Of Judgement Qayamat Documentry. Molana Tariq Jamel Is A Scolar And He Said Please Be Aware And Get Ready For Qayamat. using will be the signals associated with qayamat.Past 1. Splitting in the Celestial satellite.
3. Passing away in the Prophet Muhammad, may well Allah bless your pet along with scholarhip your pet tranquility. 3. A variety of demise that will get rid of a huge number of Muslims. (Understood to help make reference to this cause problems for associated with Amwas during the caliphate associated with ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab. )
several. A major combating within Madinah (understood to help make reference to this challenge associated with al-Harrah during the caliphate associated with Yazid, 63 AH).
5. This Muslim conquest associated with Jerusalem.
6. This Muslim conquest associated with Constantinople.
7. Two large sets of Muslims will probably fight within war.
8. Some sort of war between Muslims along with a reddish those with little eyes, putting on sandals made of tresses (understood to help direct tothe Mongol Tatar breach in the Islamic gets. )
9. Some sort of tranquility understanding between Muslims along with non-Muslims from the orange battle (Chinese, Mongols, etc. )
10. 25 impostors (dajjal) look, every thinking they are a prophet.


11. Bare-skinned, destitute, barefoot shepherds will probably compete within making tall houses.
12. This slave-woman can give labor and birth to help her get better at or maybe mistress.
13. A trial (fitnah) that will get into just about every Arab-speaking home.
age 14. Understanding is going to be taken away (by this demise of individuals associated with knowledge), along with lack of edcuation will probably overcome.
15. Vino (intoxicants, alcohol) is going to be inebriated within fantastic volumes.
of sixteen. Outlawed s3x will end up prevalent.
teen. Earthquakes will increase.
16. Time period will probably move more speedily.
20. Hardships (fitan) will probably overcome.
20. Bloodshed will increase.
7. A male will probably pass by this grave associated with a different along with desire he was at this latter’s position. 22. Dependability is going to be dropped, i. e. any time guru is fond of those who will not deserve the idea.
3. People will probably accumulate intended for prayer, yet will probably struggle to come across an imam to help direct these.


all day and. The number of guys will probably decrease, though the quantity of females will increase, until finally for any male you will discover 50 females.
20. This Euphrates will probably expose a value associated with gold, and lots of will probably expire combating more than the idea, every intending to become usually the one who results this value.
twenty six. This Romans (Europeans) arrive with a position referred to as A’maq or maybe Wabiq, along with an military of the best men and women is going to fruition through Madinah to face these.
twenty-seven. This Muslim conquest associated with Rome.
28. This Mahdi (guided one) look, and be this Imam in the Muslims.
29. Christ Christ will probably come down within Damascus, along with wish driving this Mahdi.
25. Christ will probably separate this mix along with get rid of this swine, i. e. destroy this bogus christianity. thirty-one. This Antichrist (al-masih al-dajjal, this bogus christ) look, having almost all his tools associated with deceptiveness, and be an immense test. He can be and then 60 to 70, 000 Jews through Isfahan (present-day Iran).
33. The looks associated with Ya’juj along with Ma’juj (Gog along with Magog), plus the linked difficulties.
thirty three. This introduction in the Animal from the Planet, carrying this Workers associated with Moses plus the Seal associated with Solomon, that will meet with people, revealing to these that they wouldn’t believe having assurance inside the Divine Indications.
34. A major war between Muslims (including Jews along with Christian believers who truly trust Christ following his return) directed from the Imam Mahdi, plus the Jews furthermore various other non-Muslims directed from the Antichrist.
thirty-five. Christ will probably get rid of this Antichrist for the gate associated with Ludd (Lod within present-day Israel, internet site of your international airport along with a main Israeli military services base).
thirty seven. A period of time associated with fantastic tranquility along with serenity throughout along with following staying lifetime of Christ.
37. Wealth arrive thus considerable it will end up difficult to get someone to agree to charitable trust.
38. Arabic will end up a territory associated with landscapes along with estuaries and rivers.
39. Contemporary society will corrosion.
40. This glutes in the females in the tribe associated with Daws will probably once more swing within circumambulation (tawaf) round the idol Dhul-Khulsah.
41. An incredible fireplace inside the Hijaz, seen from the habitants associated with Busra.
38. Several main armies will probably destroy into the planet: just one inside the eastern side, just one inside the west, just one within Arabic.
43. A Abyssinian leader having lean shins will probably destroy this Ka’bah.
46. This big foriegn associated with smoke.
forty-five. Sunshine will probably increase from the west (its host to setting).
forty six. Some sort of delicate the wind that will consider this people in the believers.
forty seven. There may be no-one quit for the planet expressing, “Allah, Allah” or maybe “There is no god except Allah. inch
24. Gradually manufactured associated with Common sense is made upon this most detrimental in the men and women, who copulate similar to donkeys in public.
forty-nine. This throwing out inside the Trumpet from the Angel Israfil, upon which everyone will probably pass out except because Allah wills.
50. The next throwing out inside the Trumpet, upon which everyone is going to be resurrected.

U”Read to never contradict along with confute, or to trust along with take for granted, or to discover discuss along with discourse, yet to help weigh along with consider”