Dr Usman given the death penalty

Dr Usman given the death penalty. Dr Usman, who was involved in GHQ attack is finally hanged to death after the Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif signed on the death sentences issued for him. This happened in the aftermath of the Peshawar attacks by TTP in which more than 140 people killed. TTP planned and executed an attack on Army Public School in Peshawar in most of the students of ninth and 10th class lost their lives.

A dunya news tv reporter talks to the anchor. Now that the two culprits have been hanged, the post execution process is being carried out. The death certificates and other papers are being prepared now which are usually prepared with the help of doctors and government officers. After all the verification processes the dead bodies are handed over to the relatives of the concerned person. Dr.Usman’s body will be handed to his brother, who is present here today. The dead bodies shall be taken to Rawalpindi, and during this entire process, the security arrangements will be tighter than ever.

When asked by the Dunya News anchor about the conditions of the two terrorists before they were hanged, the reporter replied: “Both the terrorists were very afraid and were making a lot of apologies. Both of them said that they were ashamed of their actions and demanded forgiveness. They were pleading and making requests of mercy and forgiveness and their pleads were recorded on tape by officials.”

Both the terrorists admitted that they were wrong, and were ashamed of their acts. This confirms that all of these animals are just playing around with the name of Islam, and need to be finished as soon as possible.

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