Hamid Mir reveals some hidden truths about Nawaz and Zardari

Hamid Mir reveals some hidden truths about Nawaz and Zardari. Journalism is a tricky profession and the socio-economic situation and political chaos makes it more difficult in Pakistan. It is just like playing with a double edge sword as a minor mistake can make the news of a news maker. Another strange behavior observed in Pakistan is that the politicians like journalists when they are in opposition but they try to seal their lips after getting into government.

Hamid Mir is one of those journalists who are respected and hated at the same time. He probably is the most controversial anchor in electronic media of Pakistan. However, that does not lower his caliber as a journalist. He knows some buried secrets of our politicians and here we are presenting you one of the videos in which he revealed some scandals of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari.

These off the record incidents were shared in a talk show of Aag TV. Hamid shared how he was pressurized by Zardari to drop his story of corruption. He said just faces change in our system as he had to suffer in second regime of Nawaz Sharif as well. He shared an incident when Nawaz called him in Prime Minister House and asked him to resign from his news paper.

Did Hamid Mir resign? Did he make compromise and drop his story against Nawaz? Check out this exclusive footage to get all the answers. Do not forget to spread this video as well so that maximum people can see true face and spit on them.