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Rabi, Farhan, Gohar and Haroon abusing Atif Aslam

PUBLISHED : December 27, 2014

Rabi, Farhan, Gohar and Haroon abusing Atif Aslam. It is a dream of every artist to perform in London Wembley Arena. Perhaps, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan was the first Pakistani singer to showcase his talent and made into headlines. However, our new generation singers draw the cameras attention for something really immoral. They were caught on camera apparently drunk and having vulgar talk.This mobile video has been uploaded by a fan based in London. He recorded their wicked language against the Pakistani pop king Atif Aslam and showed the real faces of Rabi Pirzada, Farhan Saeed, Gohar Mumtaz and Haroon. We are extremely sorry for the language but the purpose behind uploading this footage was to expose these so called artists.

These wana be stars who just got fame out of some miracle, come to London and forget their basics. They come here to make some money, have parties and ultimately giving birth to new controversies. This video can also be a cheap stunt from this bunch of loosers. Every sane mind will notice that they are just spitting venom and draining their frustration by abusing Atif Aslam.

In this group, Rabi Pirzada is the one who must be focused as the remaining four have tasted success to some extent. The lady tried her luck in singing, acting and then turned focus towards hosting after facing failures in them. She has been in news for some scandals as well and this shameful London footage is the new addition in the list.