sochnews: Most amazing live performance ever seen

Most amazing live performance ever seen. If you watch reality shows on TV, you must have seen many amazing videos that left the audience stunned. Similarly, such videos are also uploaded everyday on social networking websites. Such videos create quite a buzz as the audience likes to see something different from their routine life.

The footage, that you are about to watch, will not only show the expertise of the performer but also the look on bollywood stars like Harithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar is worth watching. This video can easily be rated as one of the best live show performance in recent times. Check it out and post your verdict.

The video starts with a magician cum dancer making a drawing on board in front of audience. He removes the cover and an alive girl comes out of this picture. The act is followed by many other unbelievable stunts that won the hearts of millions. He throws a cover on girl and when removes within blink of eye, the audience forgot to breath when the girl appeared in completely different avtar.

In the end he puts the girl on a bed and places a blanket on her. His removing the blanket and making the girl disappear was the last and the best strike as audience stood up on their seats and gave him big round of applause. Hope you will enjoy this amazing show of skills.