sochnews entertainment: Ayesha Umer You Can’t Do That

Ayesha Umer You Can’t Do That. Many people think that the actress and model Ayesha Umer doesn’t involve in activities that could damage her reputation as a showbiz celebrity. However, this video will make you think otherwise.
Ayesha Umer has gained popularity from the drama Bulbulay which is a comedy drama and a large number of people watch it. She got appreciation from almost everyone because of this drama.

Along with acting, she is also a model and have been working in different commercial ads. However, she started losing her track as she is also a follower of western culture as her dressing and mentality is far away from our traditions and culture.

She became controversial with her statement about veil for women as she thinks it is a restriction she cannot bear. In this video, she can be seen in bold dresses on different places including beach and hotel room.

Many of her fans will no longer like her as she seems to be a representative of foreign culture which is something alarming. All showbiz celebrities should promote our culture in a way that could stable it for ages to come.

There are many actresses in Pakistan who want to get game by adopting short cuts and exposing oneself is another short cut to grab attention of people not only from this region, but also from all over the world.

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