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sochnews entertainment: Farah Khan uses bad language behind camera

PUBLISHED : December 6, 2014

Farah Khan uses bad language, behind camera

Farah Khan uses bad language behind camera. Bollywood celebs know how to stay in news and give the channels something spicy to talk about. Every second day some scandals or leaked tape is released that creates controversy and then the person in that tape comes on screen to clear the air and gets the desired attention. This time famous bollywood director and choreographer Farah Khan has given the town something to gossip about.

She was giving interview on a TV show when she used such a bad language and shocked everyone on the set. Though, it did not go on air at that time but somebody uploaded the recording lately. Now, this video has created quite a buzz on internet as it has gone viral on every social networking website. Check out what was so objectionable in this video.

This chunk is from a talk show “The Bench” and Farah Khan went there for the promotion of her film “Tees Maar Khan”. While the preparations and rehearsal, she got bit out of control and showed her true colors. She used abusive language for the host. Though, it was sort of friendly talk but still there were lot of people around and it was improper for public figure like Farah to use such words.

This has not only brought lot of criticism on Farah but also hurt lot of her fans across the world. Ma be, she should apologize to her fans and tell the whole story behind this footage. Come on Lady! You owe your fans this much.