sochnews: Umer Shareef plays the role of a husband In London

Umer Shareef plays the role of a husband In London. London : The video starts off with Shareef joking about how unlikely it is for a woman to die. He gives the example of the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. Shareef says, that a woman’s body was recovered 2 and a half months after the earthquake, that shows how hard it is to kill a woman. The crowd seems entertained and over joyed.

Shareef says : “500 people die, only 1 of them shall be a woman. The worlds population counts 51% woman and 49% men. Amongst the 49% men, 30 % have have diabetes and other deseases, 10 % are ill or weak for some other reasons, and the remaining 8 or 9 % are the only ones that can walk and talk properly. The wife is then seen exploding “Allah keeps us woman healthy and alive. What is the fault of the women that the men are this unhealthy? It is a result of their own actions, that they are this unhealthy. You men stay for longer out of the house , than you stay in it. You want to see new faces, new smiles, new entertainment everyday. ”. Shareef replies “Don’t you women want new fashion, new make up, new jewellery everyday?
Watch the full video for more amazing stand out comedy, because the play is about 9 minutes long. This is brilliant, this kind of talent in our country goes unnoticed and devalued alot. We have to give massive credit to our artists and legends who are this talented and confident enough to go abroad, and perform this amazingly.

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