Startling Dance Performance at Dubai Airport

Sizzling Air Hostess Dancing at Dubai Airport. Dancing on ramp in different competition or even in wedding ceremony is very normal but what would be your response if you see a mind blowing dance performance at airport. Dance of Air hostess at Dubai Airport on Pashto music was such a wonder event which many people including youngster, old people, ladies and even kids experienced there.Music and lyrics inspire every person but dance is an art which cannot be learnt easily. Dance performance appreciated if it is connected deeply according to the music. The dance performance connected with cultural music brings happiness for the relevant persons, class or society. But sometimes you enjoyed more if the music of other culture inspires you.

At Dubai International Airport, so many people who belong to different counties, cultures and society were waiting for their flights. Suddenly a group of air hostess came and made a line in the middle of the waiting lounge. It grabbed the attentions of people when the air hostess started to dance on Pashto music. They were dancing like flamingo which brought a glimpse of pleasant surprise on the faces of people.

All the people sitting in the lounge, going upstairs, moving here and there at Dubai Airport immediately stopped to look what was going there. The next moment all were smiling, recording it in cameras, taking pictures and enjoying the brilliant dance performance of air hostess. The Pashto music mesmerized the public because they hadn’t experienced such a nice music ever until that time.
All the arrangements are done by the air hostess and the other official staff didn’t even know the plan of air hostess. It was also a pleasant surprise for officials doing different duties at airport who later joined the dancing party to add more flavor to it. Few of the spectators also join them because they couldn’t resist much longer becoming the part of this mind-blowing dance performance at Dubai Airport.

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