December 11, 2014

Watch Full Video of A Karnal Daughter Dancing At Home

خبر دوستوں سے شیئر کریں

Watch Full Video of A Karnal Daughter Dancing At Home.People like to know about film stars, follow the fashion trends set by them and fancy themselves just like these stars.Every second day, some video comes and show these starlets real face but the most amazing thing is that they never get ashamed of their act rather they come on screen with even more fake grace and nobility.The video is actually an off camera footage of program “The Bench”. Farah Khan participated in it for the promotion of her film “Tees Maar Khan”. Farah, who is known for her boldness and big mouth, showed her true colors before going on air. She cracked some indecent remarks and jokes that left her fans shock.This footage did not go on air at that time but some anonymous person shared it on internet. This video, containing abusive language from Farah Khan, spread like fire in the forest.She is known for strong character and it is time to show some.This time famous bollywood director and choreographer Farah Khan has given the town something to gossip about.Now, this video has created quite a buzz on internet as it has gone viral on every social networking website. Check out what was so objectionable in this video.This has not only brought lot of criticism on Farah but also hurt lot of her fans across the world. Ma be, she should apologize to her fans and tell the whole story behind this footage. Come on Lady! You owe your fans this much.