Actress Asin Likes to Eat Edible Insects

Actress Asin Likes to Eat Edible Insects.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Asin Thottumkal liked eating edible insects on the set of movie Ready. The actress was challenged by star actor Salman Khan in the forests of Sri Lanka to eat edible insects and she ate several insects without showing any kind of hesitation. Asin seemed inspire by Fear Factor, a reality show.Salman Khan appreciated the courage of Asin on eating edible insects in reality and said she might face stomach problem. Surprisingly her stomach stayed perfect during film shot and nothing bad happened to her health. Asin expressed her feelings on eating insects and told that it was just a mind game nothing else.The film Ready in which she co-starred with Salman Khan released in 2012 and was a mega hit on the box office. The chemistry of actress Asin with Salman Khan worked very well and audience liked it. The critics also appreciated the acting of actress in Ready. It seems new horizons would open for her in the industry in coming days.Asin began her film career from Tamil film industry at the age of 15 and excelled in South Indian film industry successfully. She was recognized as Queen of Kollywood due to her exceptional acting performances in Tamil movies. She has command over eight different languages and she dubbed her own movie.In 2008 Ghajini was major breakthrough for Asin as she made her debut in the movie with great Amir Khan. Since then she never looked back and has excelled in Bollywood industry. None of her movie went wrong so far and she earned amazing fan following.Interestingly in all movies Asin worked with renowned actors of Indian film industry and all of them are top stars of Bollywood. Her work inspires directors as well as star actors like Amir Khan and Salman Khan and it seems Asin has a shining future in film industry.

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