Bolan Medical Students Protest

Bolan Medical Students Protest.
In Pakistan, we are going through a situation where we dont know who is the authority in the country. The fake government running the country 1st of all failed to solve electricity problem, after that they created gas problem and then petrol also gone.Now the government is planning to stop the production of new doctors as there are not enough jobs available in the country. But instead of creating more job vacancies, government is working on to stop the students from studying. They are going after cheap methods to stop the students from appearing in exams so that they will be failed and there will be no doctors to ask for jobs.This is the decision after the strong reaction by the young doctors association. In an interview with the student of Bolan medical college, the young medical student revealed the fact that the institution is changing the exam date day by day and making it uncertain. According to the new date, students are getting only 15 days to get prepare for the medical exam. This is cheating and its a trap so that students cant study.

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