Bollywood: Imran Abbas flirting with Priyanka

Bollywood: Imran Abbas flirting with Priyanka. Pakistani male model turned actor, Imran Abbas has done just one movie in India but he is making connection with the top ones of the industry. Couple of days ago he was seen flirting with Priyanka chopra during an award ceremony. Imran presented her a rose and he also read a little poetry for her.Imran who is a heart robe of the Pakistani ladies is now a days making progress by leaps and bounds in India. His first movie has not done not so good business but he is working on the foot prints of the Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar, the lahori boy is no doubt the most successful Pakistani actor working in India. He is multi talented and multi-skilled person. but Ali zafar has done a lot to reach this point. He started from the streets of Lahore and no doubt he has won India as well.