A Boy Gets Treatment on Flirting

A Boy Gets Treatment on Flirting.The result of flirting varies person to person and area to area as in few regions people socially boycott the concern person and in few regions the punishment of flirting with each other is severe. In third world countries it creates confusion and misunderstanding between boy and girl about the nature of relationship which leads towards disaster.Usually girls don’t response positively to flirt boys and if someone does, she asks trouble for her as flirt boy exploits the girls and uses them for their physical desires. So many lives have been destroyed by flirt boys and at the end weak girls commit suicide. None of the boy wants to develop serious relationship with girl while flirting which creates bad impact on girls later.Handsome boys always try to flirt with beautiful girls as this boy tried to do it but he was not that lucky to get positive response from girl. The boy was just passing away when he saw a beautiful girl standing on road side noting something from magazine. He whistled to get the attention of girl and got success in it.The girl was equal to the task and knew what the boy was trying to do. Therefore, she also gave a clever smile back to him which boy couldn’t understand. The boy stopped there and kept passing smiles for girls and that’s what the girl wanted. The boy was standing near a house and suddenly a bag of littering thrown on him from that house.It was very embarrassing for the boy in front of a beautiful girl and the girl really enjoyed his condition. She knew very well what was coming from that house but didn’t warn the boy at all. The girl wanted to teach him a lesson and she got success in it and the boy got the deserved punishment on flirting with her.

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