Brave Indian Muslim Warns Modi

New Delhi:Brave Indian Muslim Warns Modi. A brave Indian Muslim leader Akbar-ud-Din bashed current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who seems to threaten the lives of millions of Muslims living in India for centuries. The Indian Muslim leader warned Narendra Modi not to harm Muslims otherwise he would be dealt with firm hands and the country would not survive anymore.The moment Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the oath; he started to threat millions of Muslims living in India and has begun a cold war with Pakistan as well. The past of Indian Prime Minister wasn’t very bright at all as during the chief ministry of Indian Gujrat, Narendra Modi provoked Hindu community to riot against Muslims.During his dreadful tenure many innocent Muslim girls and women were kidnapped and raped by Hindu extremists. Several Muslim men and children were brutally executed by extremists in the presence of police. The Indian press unveiled that Narendra Modi used Hindu extremists against Muslims of India and all the culprits were protected by the government.Now Narendra Modi has become the 15th Prime Minister of India and his intends are very clear to eliminate every Non-Hindu especially Muslims not just from Indian soil but also from subcontinent. Within a year he launched a war on the borders with Pakistan along with proxy war using Afghan soil.Many Muslims are converted to Hindu forcefully and no one can stop extremists to hurt Muslims. The Muslims of India cannot buy property in India or cannot hold higher post in any government department. They are not treated well at all and it seems a national policy of so called secular India.After analyzing the situation very well, a brave Indian Muslims leader Akbar-ud-Din stood against the prejudice of Indian government against Muslims and warned them not to provoke them otherwise India won’t be survive anymore and they will capture the capital to rule the country. It was a big statement given by the Indian Muslim leader and he might face legal inquiry on this statement.

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