A Dog Surprises Everyone

Watch video of A Dog Surprises Everyone. It is a video taken from talk shows or important news events on TV channels. You can express your views but please do not use indecent language while giving your valuable comments.  New York: A dog surprised everyone including owner through clever act. You can expect clever work of dogs in hunting, guarding houses and searching criminals but what if a dog does theft. You might have never heard about American dog doing theft or robbery and it sounds unusual as the animal is used for guarding.Anyhow, The dog surprised people when he theft burger of owner in his absence and cleverly removed all proofs. The clever act of domestic dog was recorded in camera and the animal showed great intelligence. Moreover, the method used by animal was also worth watching it which proved the intelligence.The owner of dog was sitting in kitchen to have lunch and he was eating burger. His trained dog was also sitting near to him along with pet cat. The man took two bites when he went to attend phone call and that was the moment when dog showed cleverness. The animal took the remaining burger from plate and bottle of soft drink and enjoyed the lunch.After finishing the lunch, the American dog put the soft drink bottle back on the table and put the pet cat in the table. It was very clever move of animal because the owner could think that the cat might have eaten his lunch. The cat stayed on the table near plate and bottle of soft drink and couldn’t move in the presence of animal and it was a clever strategy to hide the crime.Everybody knows that dog is man’s best friend and the relation between human beings and dogs has a history. The purpose of domestic dogs is beyond just hunting and guarding the houses and over the years this relation has obtain more depth and strength. The clever act of American dog is a result of that relation.

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