Downfall After Colonel Qadafi

This video which is documented by the famous novel writer and columnist Javed Chaudhry, who is well known personality in the field of column writing and have a very strong grip on the economies of every country of the world and draft such a great article to describe the reality and through which he gave moral lesson also in his every article or documentary.
You can see in this video a person who is the resident of Libya and was known by all over the world due to his hobbies. He possessed wealth in such a huge quantity. Few years back, he went to London (United Kingdom) for outing and enjoying the trip. There he saw a palace whose look was so awesome that he was attracted too much and ready to but that palace. On the spot, he contacted with the owner of the palace and paid the full price that was One Crore Pounds.

After that he celebrated his thirty seventh birthday in which the top most famous and popular personalities were called in that ceremony via invitation. Few of them I want to mention there, Tony Blare Former Prime Minister Of United Kingdom, Owner of couple of gold mines and British Queen and the Prince from United States Of america were also there and enjoying the party with the unlimited range of dishes. This birthday was considered as the most expensive birthday ever in the history.

He also established an investment company which became very popular and considered as the top leading investment company in the world. He can invest trillions of dollars in a day just to take over the project and gains popularity.
Friends name of this person is Saif Ul Islam and this is the son of Former President Of Libya Colonel Qadafi. He earn this all amount of money from his state and these were the money of public which they gave in the form of taxes. But he waste these funds in his personal hobbies and modern wishes.

He was escaped from public and get him hide in a place where there was no washroom and no other facility which is available to lead the normal daily routine. He was then arrested from there and now he is in the custody of Government Of Libya.

Now you can see that this is again proves that for every boom there is downfall only for those who not say thanks to Allah for His blessings. But not for those who say thanks to their Creator and also distribute this by giving donation and charity to the deserving ones.

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