Females in US Army Gets Bad Treatment

Females in US Army Gets Bad Treatment.
US Army, the largest branch of Unites States Armed Forces, is known for its brisk land-based operations and the soldiers of United States of America strongly believe that it has root in Continental Army.The Continental Army was formed during American Revolutionary War in June 1975 and before the independence of USA; it was replaced with US Army in June 1984. US Army or United States Army is the new form of Continental Army which played a vital role for the independence of United States of America.The US Army calls itself the descended of Continental Army and the prime target of this branch is to launch land-based operations in the territories of enemies and get success at any cost in minimum time. In order to perform effectively in such operations, United States of America has made an interesting strategy.The utilization of young females is most vital part of this strategy and therefore you see a large number of beautiful females in US Army. In the past, females have done wonders in battle fields and they fought shoulder to shoulder with men.The females employed in Unites States Armed Forces are preferred for spying purposes rather than hiring for medical staff or soft nature jobs. They work in every department of US military and doing quite well. However, the presence of females in military has been becoming problematic and has affected the performance of male soldiers badly.The females in US Army are not getting gesture or treatment within military because so many scandals of immoral activities have been reported in few years. According to these reports, a female is raped thrice by soldiers or commanding officers. The behavior of male soldiers with female soldiers is not good at all and it is damaging the repute of US Army