Hidden cam: Ugly face of Pakistani media house

Hidden cam: Ugly face of Pakistani media house. There is no business like show-business but there is another side of the picture as well. This dark side remains unseen from commons and all the aspiring girls and boys out there have to pay the price for fame and glam world. Recently, an unfortunate incident was reported and it will sadden your heart.This news report was about fake media houses who entice young girls to enter the show-business and dishonor them in the name of talent hunt. Here we bring you an exclusive hidden cam footage of that incident. Look how shamefully this man is trapping that innocent girl.This video chunk has been extracted from an investigative journalism program aired on Sama tv. It was reported that a fake media house is playing with fate and honor of innocent girls. The production team devised a plan and sent a girl to the person. She was directed to act like an aspiring actor.A hidden cam was planted and whatever it recorded is enough to lower our heads. This so called media person foolishly tried to seduce her and trap her in his filthy plan. However, the girl acted according to the script and unveiled this devil in the end. Check out the video and spread it to reveal the ugly face of these fraud.