Husband Treats Wife Badly

Husband Treats Wife Badly. Treating wife badly has become a curse even for developed societies and whenever a husband beats or tortures his wife harms the peace of home. The shameful act of husband with wife whether teasing her physically, mentally or emotionally always disturbs the lives of family members especially children pay the price of this domestic violence.The battered wife faces great traumas along with her children and sometimes becomes patient. The will to fight against disease decreases to great extend and consequently the children suffer from the illness of their mother. The husband never cares about the health of his wife and abuses his children as well.Every two women out of ten become the victim of bad behavior of husbands in developed countries like America, UK, France, Australia and Canada. The ratio of battered women is dreadfully increasing in third world countries. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are in the hit list where husbands treat wives badly.Few weeks ago a woman battered by his husband and he shaved her head. The woman was his first wife and after three years of marriage her husband married to another girl. The husband did not inform his first wife about her second marriage at all but somehow the news reached to her and she left the home on this cheating.After three months the husband called her first wife for compromise and when she came back to home, the husband along with her second wife teased her physically and and shaved her head forcefully. Both husband and second wife assisted by a common relative in this shameful act with alone woman.The first wife somehow ran away from their custody and reached to police station to registered a case against her husband. The police officer ensured the first wife to provide justice on this shameful act of husband with her. Fortunately the first wife doesn’t have children and she can get freedom from her husband without facing problems.

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