January 20, 2015

Immoral activities of Fake Peer with Girls

خبر دوستوں سے شیئر کریں

Immoral activities of Fake Peer with Girls. Peer is regarded as highly respectable and noble person of particular tribe or people having a particular faith. A Peer is believed to have spirituality and can help his followers in different issues of life. Usually these kinds of people are founded in sub-continent and their statements are like an order of king for the followers.eer gets more respect than cleric in sub-continent and people can do anything for their peers. The followers can also sacrifice their lives with a blink of an eye and can also take lives of others for peer. Peers are treated like Godfather by followers because they believe on the unseen spiritual powers of peers.Apart from the spirituality and belief of followers, there are many fake peers who play with the lives of innocent people due to blind faith. Many girls are victimized by these fake peers for their evil desires and due to strong influence on public they can’t be brought to justice. They have strong political contacts and that’s why they are playing with people.In Pakistan you can find immoral activities of fake peer with girls and no one dare to say a word against these culprits. If however, a fake peer is arrested on immoral activities with girls, he was released soon because of political contacts or personal contacts with police officers. The victimized girls are threatened by these peers as well.Another fake peer is exposed recently who was influencing girls through his tricks and the innocent girls were trapped due to weak faith or ignorant. The peer was involved in immoral activities in a manner that none of the girls could know what he was doing to them and how he was fulfilling his lust from them. From old to young females all were harassed by the fake peer.