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January 1, 2015

Who is imprisoned in Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is the most discussed and least solved mystery of our universe. This is a deep sea area near America that does not let anyone pass through it. Dozens of ships, air crafts and thousands of passengers have lost in this mystery triangle. Despite of the development and progress. mankind is unable to solve this riddle yet.
However, a recent documentary has given some valid answers of questions. Earlier, there were more than one theories about this Bermuda Triangle. Some of the scientists and geologists were of the view that this area has a strong magnetic field that pulls down everything and drown it into deep sea. Few of the people believed that it is center of satanic forces in the world. Check this story to find all the questions.

Recently, two of the planes of Malaysia vanished and left many questions in mind. The researchers have started thinking on the possibility of another Bermuda triangle near Malaysia and Indonesia. Though, nothing has been confirmed yet but no one knows what comes on the surface from deep buried secrets.

Few days back, the remains of ill-fated plane were found floating in the sea. There were bodies as well but no one has figured out what actually happened to this plane. According to reports, the last contact was when the pilot asked for a permission to change route. The permission was granted, plane changed the route and then never was seen on radars.

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