India Media About Imran khan And Reham Khan Marraige

The man who conducted Nikah between Imran Khan and Reham Khan is Mufti Saeed, Imam of a Masjid on way to Murree some`where in Chara Paani.Naeem Iqbal met Mufti Saeed who confirmed the marriage of PTI chairman and anchorperson and also revealed that he held the Nikah.Mufti Saeed further said that both of them married during the sit-in.Earlier, Imran Khan and his sisters had denied the rumours of Imran’s second marriage while anchor Reham Khan had also denied the rumours.However, British newspaper Daily Mail also confirmed the marriage.Soon after the claim the internet burst into frenzy regarding the news, a few claimed that the marriage ceremony took place in a house in Islamabad where Imran’s sisters were also present. A nikkah certificate is also being circulated on the internet. The news cannot be confirmed though.The sources said that now Khan’s family had chosen a girl from Peshawar and the nation would soon hear news about Khan’s marriage to her.“This is the reason why Jemima decided to get rid of the surname Khan…there can’t be two Mrs Khans in Imran Khan’s life,” they said.He is reported as saying: “I want to say that I have publicly expressed my wish to remarry. However, marriage cannot be entered into lightly. Second marriages, especially, need to be considered carefully as children are involved.”

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