How Indians talk to Pakistanis

How Indians talk to Pakistanis,India and Pakistan are perhaps the only neighbors that have fought three wars with each other and still the fire burns on both sides of the border. This arch rivalry has claimed hundreds of thousands lives but still both nations have learnt nothing. Here we bring you a proof of hatred both of them carry for each other.This video has been taken from a reality show which shot in Dubai. The format was to let boys and girls of both countries live together and the last survival will take the winning prize. While fighting for their survival what biased Indians did to a Pakistani girl was really shameful. Check it out by yourself.However, the question arises that what this girl was expecting while checking in to a program which is not only against the islamic values but the social one as well. Her dress, her walk and talk, everything was so unethical that no one should feel sorry for her. On top of that such shows do all these things for ratings as well so who knows they did all this according to the script.
This video created a lot of buzz as every big social media page in Pakistan was stormed with arguments and comments from the viewers. Here we present you an exclusive un-cut footage of this show. The purpose is just to ignite a healthy debate so feel free to express your thoughts in the comment box.