Iranian Man Survives Public Hanging

Iranian Man Survives Public Hanging.

Iranian Man Survives Public Hanging.Tehran: An Iranian man sentenced to death publicly for illegal offenses by Supreme Court of Iran but he survived in execution. The Iranian man was hanged publicly and declared dead on the spot by the doctors but later his family noticed him taking breath after 24th hours in mortuary. It is impossible to survive during public hanging but the man survived.The penalty of illegal activities in Iran is no more less than public hanging till death and it has been practicing since Iranian revolution. The laws of punishing people on illegal activities are modified according to Islamic laws and the government of Iran is implementing these laws after the approval of Iranian supreme council.If a person is involved in any illegal activity which causes death of other persons he or she would be punished to death publicly. The executions are implemented on public places during the presence of security officers. None of officers is allowed to bring down the dead body of hanged person till evening so that other people learn from it.The Iranian man sentenced to death and was hanged publicly till the evening because he was involved in smuggling prohibited items. The doctors officially declared him dead and his body was sent to morgue. The next day family of dead Iranian man arrived at the hospital to recover the dead body and at the time of receiving the body they noticed the breath of him.It was very shocking news for the family as well as officials. The Iranian man has admitted to hospital emergency immediately where he is recovering well. He is in intense care unit in hospital and after the recovery he has to hang again publicly.However, whatever circumstances Iranian man will face in future after the recovery, he survived the first ever public hanging in the history of Iran and returned from the valley of dead people. It seems the survival of Iranian man is a scene of movie or drama but miracles do occur in this world.

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