Islam, peace and brotherhood

Watch video of Islam, peace and brotherhood.In the past few decades, Muslims have not been treated well around the world and this is not something hidden from us. However, when looked deep inside the problem, it can easily be seen that issue lies right inside the Muslims.Muslims are divided in sects and keep on hating each other. To this, Maulana Tariq Jameel left an amazing message for Muslims that if Muslims unite, they can yet again become the greatest power in the world.Sunni people say Wahabis are kafir and wahabi say Shia are kafir and vice versa. This is the only debate left for Muslims to fight for. So, who will actually go to Jannat? Is this people call Ishq-e-Rasool or Ishq-e-Allah? Is this Islam? No, it certainly is. Allah did not send us to fight with each other. But in fact, we were asked to remain united and show love for each other.We were here to keep check on ourselves rather than testing others and deciding who is Muslim and who is Kafir.

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