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Kashmir: The Main Problem Between Pakistan and India

PUBLISHED : January 19, 2015

Kashmir: The Main Problem Between, Pakistan and India

Kashmir: The Main Problem Between Pakistan and India.Do you still believe humanity is being respected in civilized societies including America and Europe? Do you still have faith on these societies to solve the major disputes where humanity has been tortured for many decades? If you do believe then you must not be aware of Kashmir.Kashmir valley was known as paradise on earth before 1947 but since then it has become the bone of contest between Pakistan, India and Kashmir. After the partition of 1947 India captured valley of Kashmir against the will of Kashmiri people and it was a violation of fundamental rights as well.

People of Kashmir wanted to have affiliate with Pakistan because than 80 percent of the population are Muslims in Kashmir valley but Maharajah sold them to India which was against the spirit of partition deal. On this dispute three wars have been fought between Pakistan and India since 1947.

In Indo-Pakistan war of 1947, Pakistan captured the 37 percent area of the valley and was near to capture the whole valley but United Nation intervened to resolve the issue. The resolutions of UN give the right to people of Kashmir to decide their future through referendum but India never act upon these resolution.In 1977 and 1988, India used force against Kashmiris to stop the freedom movement and they killed thousands of men, children and women. The Indian army shows no humanity to these innocent people and brutally kills them, rapes women and tortures children. The independent sources reported extra judicial killings of Kashmiris have exceeded over hundred thousands Kashmiris and they are many unidentified combine graves.

India has used all its tactics to stop the freedom movement forcefully but all in vain as Kasmiris have decided to get rid of Indian state terrorism. On 26th October, 2014 Kashmiris gave call of million march in London to raise voice against the brutal state terrorism of India and also to claim its fundamental right of freedom. India tried hard to stop it but over one million people participated in the march towards prime minister house in London.