London: Bride Dances with Father at Reception

London: Bride Dances with Father at Reception.London: In a wedding ceremony arranged in London hotel a bride danced with her father and it was not traditional wedding dance of father and daughter. The bride danced with father with her father at reception with free style on a fast music. Both seemed to enjoy the free dancing style and the guests presented in London hotel amused to see the dance.In a five star hotel of London, a wedding ceremony was arranged by a business tycoon for his daughter and invited renowned personalities of London city to make this event memorable. In the beginning the ceremony was very formal and going very smoothly with light music. The guests were enjoying drinks and delicious food in hotel.The bride changed her traditional dress after couple of hours and came at the reception with her father. They announced the dance of father and daughter and all were thinking about the traditional dance. The father of bride had already selected the song and instead of performing traditional dance they started to dance with free style on fast music.The fifty years old father Ralph and young bride Tashawn put on a great show together at reception of London hotel and mesmerized the audience with their astonishing performance. The fast music increased the energy of father and daughter and they kept dancing for quite long, and it seemed both love dancing with free style on rock and roll music.The father selected the song in advance and signaled the bride to change the dress. The bride didn’t take long and came at the reception after changing the dress and went free style instead of traditional movements. The dance of bride and her father created an amazing scenario in London hotel and it seemed the best dance of daughter and father ever.