January 10, 2015

London: Fans in London Annoyed With Mehwish Hayat, London always embraces artists from around the world and people living in this city also follow celebrities no matter from where they belong. There is a considerable strength of fans of Mehwish Hayat and these people consider her as one of the best actresses in sub-continent because of the versatility of her roles.

However, when these fans, who thought her an eastern female, watched her doing such unethical scenes just to earn fame and money, they got annoyed. These London fellows started criticizing her on social media channels including Facebook and Twitter and showed their disliking.

People especially foreigners living in England or its capital London always want that the celebrities back home express their culture and traditions. But in this case, Mehwish Hayat could not live up to her fan’s expectations and she started doing such things that are against of what our society and religion demand.Fans of Mehwish in London are not happy with her at all as they expect her to portray Eastern culture and they also want her to stop working in plays that are unethical and damage the morality.

The growing repute of Mehwish can get a backlash if she continues doing such cheap scenes which cannot be watched in a family set up. She will start getting bad feedback very soon from around the world just like she is getting from her fans who are currently living in London.