Man in London Gets Himself in Trouble

Man in London Gets Himself in Trouble London. Sometimes you ask trouble for yourself rather than someone else and a man on London Island invited trouble for him. A tribe of Sentinelese, hunter-gathered society, captured a man on beach who was trying to hide behind small rocks. Few hunters of Sentinelese were wondering around when they saw him and captured him after chasing few yards.The man was left behind on London Island by his companions early in the morning mistakenly and when he awaked there was no man at the beach. He couldn’t find any boat or even food for survival and sat on the edge of small rock waiting for their friends. The man didn’t know much about the island and he did not know the way of survival on these kinds of island.Few minutes later the man saw a group of hunter-gathered society holding pikes in their hands and they were wondering around to hunt down something for food. The man got frightened because he knew these hunters also eat human meat and he tried to hide from their eyes and ran away from the place. But it seemed very unlucky day for him and he failed to escape.The hunters saw him while he was running and they captured him after chasing few yards. The hunters tied him with a wooden rod using ropes and took him to headquarter. On reaching there, the hunters gathered few sticks and dry grass to burn him alive. When they tried to fire the sticks by using small rocks, it didn’t work for them at all.The hunters tried harder to fire the sticks but couldn’t get success and in the end untied the man from rod. The man felt quite relief and sat with them on rocks. The relief was just for few minutes because he asked trouble for him by lightening cigarette with a lighter in front of hunters. The hunters again tied with ropes to complete the task and none was there on London Island to help him at that time.

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