Maryam Nawaz: A sad Reality

Maryam Nawaz: A sad Reality Well if you havnt then i advise you not to search her name at Google, specially if you are PMLn follower. The top search results suggested by the Google show you the sick mentality of PMLn followers.They are nothing but a group of uneducated and ill mannered morons combined together. They have not respect for ladies even if for their own ladies. These are the people who never bothered to study heard because they known they will pay some bribe and they will get any government job by using name of Miaan gee.
This is the reason that even after ruling for more than 25 years , Pakistan is known as 3rd world country. We are fighting for the survival of our nation against the eternal threat and PMLn morons are thinking why Imran Khan is gettiong married? Why he went to London? Why he is using Land Cruiser.

شیئر کریں