Muhammad (S.A.W) : About Judgement Day

Muhammad (S.A.W) : About Judgement Day.In the Muslim world, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) has that importance that nobody else has in any other religion. No matter how sinner and how bad person a Muslim is but you will find him passionate and follower of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as  He is the saver of whole world.We are here presenting you a very beautiful video that tells a story about an incident when Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) told a very motivating story about a group of sinners at the judgement day. These sinners were smiling and people will ask them that why are you smiling ? You cant be satisfied as you spent your life as sinners. These sinners will reply that yes we were sinners but we asked for forgiveness at right time and we were fortunate enough that ALLAH forgive us.This incident tell us that the religion of Islam is very kind and ALLAH is very merciful.