Muslims Have To Wake Up Against The Anti-Islam Ruse

Once upon a time when all over the world was ruled by Muslims and every aspect and religion came towards Muslims to learn get knowledge which is beneficial for them to lead their life in this world with prosperity and happiness. Muslims was considered as the bravest unity or community of the world and it was the dominant group of people spread all over the world.
Every one considers that this universe is created by someone but we Alhamdullillah have deep faith in this Allah is the Creator and Sovereign of this universe. He Created seven layers of earth and seven layers of sky. Created uncountable blessings for the mankind to enjoy and lead their life by using these type of natural products.

But nowadays there is too much hatred being developed between the different sects of Islam. Too much hatred has being created between the different sects of life and every one is blaming other that he is not Muslim. That sect is now out from the instructions, circle of Islam and continuously putting lot of irrelevant effort to declare the other sect as Kaffir. Suuni declared Shia as non-muslims, Deobandi said Wahabi are non muslims, brailvi sad that Thanwi are non-muslims and wahabi said that Shia are non-Muslims. And those who are interested in creating and developing these situation is getting benefit.

A true Muslim is that who is following the instructions given by The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.w in the form of The Holy Book Quran. This book has complete resolution of every aspect of life and now even though the other religions are also doing research on this and accepting the reality that the resolution provided in the holy book of Muslims.
The need of the hour is hat what we are doing in this world and does it is the message and instructions which is given by our Beloved and Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.w. Please for sake of Allah that come and get together as one unity and convey this symbol to that who is getting benefit from this that we all are Muslims and we stand united against all those traps which are developed to defame Muslim unity and all those campaigns which run by anti-Islam elements.

As Muslims we have to give respect to other despite the fact that whatever the religion and sect of the person or community. Please convey this message to all of your surrounding relations either these are your family members or your friends that we are Muslims and we have to stand united and forget the baseless concepts.