Pathans Doing Hilarious Act

Pathans Doing Hilarious Act, Pathans are known for their hospitality, simplicity, righteous, courage and dignity and they formed the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the second largest in Pakistan. Pathans are recognized as Pashtuns or Pakhtuns and they follow the rules of Pakhtunwali in their affairs of life. They are very committed to their customs and traditions.Pathans work very hard in entire life and world knows them as fierce fighters because they have the history of showing great resistance against foreign invaders and they never surrendered against any army. The British Empire, Russia and United States of America invade Afghanistan and Northern Areas of Pakistan but ended in disgraceful defeat.Therefore, you cannot control Pashtun people through invasions and history proves it many times. They are born fighters and whoever tried to confront them never succeeded. Not only male members, the Pathan women are also very brave. Pathan women can fight like men and they have participated in many battles in the past.Besides the bravery, fighting skills, hospitality and commitment to their customs and values, people relate few hilarious quotations with Pathans. So many jokes, sentences and acts are linked with them and their image in few people’s mind is like a joker or funniest creature of the world.It must be wrong image created by enemies to demoralize them but many times their hilarious acts provided the opportunity to prove it right. Even though they are brave and honored men but people think they don’t have the ability to utilize their brains at times and create a scenario where they do foolish or hilarious act.To prove it right they show few visuals in which Pathans were doing hilarious act in a room. Actually they were making fool one of his friends and enjoying the moment when their friend was doing funny things. However, few foolish or hilarious acts doesn’t prove at all that Pathans are fool or don’t have the ability to use brain. They are brilliant both in using minds and bodies to compete with others.

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