Plane crash survivors lived on passengers’ meat

Allah says in Quran that human being will be tested with fear, hunger, loss of life and money. Those who keep their head and shoulders high, become immortal. The news story we are going to share is about such people who did not lose their heart and kept their faith and hope alive during the hard times.

Though, these ill-fated people had to do things which might be considered inhuman but their inspiring story of survival will make you forget everything. This video chunk covers an account of an air crash in which passengers luckily survived. However, the real battle started after the crash. check out what happened to them.

This ill-fated plane aka flight 571 took off on October 13, 1972. It was carrying 45 men and women of a rugby club. When it reached Andes, the pilot lost control and hit the ground. 13 passengers lost their lives on the spot whereas some died of cold and sever injuries. It is worth mentioning here that this plane touched ground 3600 meters above sea level.

The remaining survivors had no shelter and food while the cold weather was making the trouble double. However, the survivors showed nerves of steel and wrote an unforgettable saga of courage and determination. Watch this video documentary which reveals how they managed to survive till the rescue teams reached almost after two months.