Has the Savior of Jews Appeared?

Has the Savior of Jews Appeared.Has the savior of Jews appeared in the world? This is the most speculated question of 21st century and many rumors are spreading around the arrival of Jews’ savior (Dajjal). Many scholars relate the savior of Jews with the economic power of Jews and things like that to ensure people it has just a nominal value.Lots of literature, books and articles already have been written on the savior of Jews. You will find so many speculations about the name, hideout of the savior and the time of his appearance to the world are written in all these materials. But none of them are sure about it and still trying to locate Jews’ savior with the assistance of scared books and latest technology.For Jews, it is very important that the hideout of their savior must be remained hidden from the world or else it will be disaster for them. That is why they sometimes spread false information, create confusion about the savior by saying it is just a story and sometimes they create hurdles who are after the hideout of their savior.Many people have died mysteriously who made an effort to solve the mystery about the savior of Jews and also the mysterious hideout. Muslims claim that the only authentic source to find out where the savior of Jews hiding is Holy Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).It seems the claim of Muslims is right because with the assistance of Quran and Hadith, scientists discovered so many things that were hidden to the world for many centuries. Islamic scholars claim to solve the mystery about the savior of Jews and also the hideout in the light of Quran and Hadith.
According to these Islamic scholars the Jews savior has not yet appeared in the world and it is quite possible that the Bermuda Triangle is the hideout place of Jews’ savior. The authenticity of their claim can be checked with the recent researches done on the savior of Jews.