This is so shameful of our Prime Minister

This is so shameful of our Prime Minister.While writing these lines, head goes down with shame as our prime minister spent more than eight hundred thousand rupees in just one night. Yes, you got it right. Nawaz Sharif spent more than $8000 while his stay in New York.These visuals have been taken from his room and the luxurious room will leave you in shock. The prime minister of Pakistan, which is under huge debt, chose the most expensive suite during his recent visit to USA. Question arises what this nation got in return.This was not the only expenditure as he was not alone. A team of negotiators accompanied him and all of them stayed in these luxurious suites. Is not there anyone here who can stand and question them about the right to spend this nation’s money in this cruel manner?Surprisingly, the free and fair media of Pakistan remained silent on this issue as just one news channel aired a report on this. It seems every one has charged his price and now they all are sitting with filled pockets and sealed lips. It is time for the nation to stand and tell these impostors to rot in hell.It is time for us to speak up and let us know our presence. Be the change you want to bring in this country. Let them know that you are not their slaves anymore.

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