Six Women Embrace Islam in Germany

Six Women Embrace Islam in Germany.Berlin: Six women embraced Islam in Germany in front of a large crowd presenting in a big hall. All German women attended a lecture of an Islamic scholar arranged in a big hall of Berlin, the capital city of Germany. The women inspired from the lecture delivered by Islamic scholar and embraced Islam immediately in the presence of thousands people.Islam is the third popular religion in Germany after Protestant and Roman Catholic religions and now getting popularity among German people. According to unofficial statistics over 4.3 million Muslims are living in Germany and 1.9 million are German citizens who embraced Islam over the years. Most of the Muslims migrated from Turkey followed by Pakistan and other countries.The growing popularity of Islam among German citizens has become a major concern for the government and they have taken few steps to stop the popularity of Islam. These steps created curiosity among the citizens and instead of going away from Islam, the people of Germany is embracing Islam day by day.Majority of Muslims are living in Berlin and a large number of Muslim Germans consist of women particularly. The rights given to women in Islam are much better than the freedom given to them by Europe from their notorious purposes and that’s why women are embracing Islam more than men.Turkish Muslims migrated to Germany because of political refugees movements in 1960s and in 1970s. Since 1980 Islam is getting popular in Germany because a large number of refugees stayed in the country and didn’t go back to their home lands. After that period a large number of people from Muslim countries migrated to Germany for earning purposes.Over 140 mosques are there in Germany; most of them are in Berlin with proper domes and minarets but also created many controversies with native people. The reason of German women converting to Islam in large number is due to the life style of Europe which doesn’t provide peace to them but only Islam.

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