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January 16, 2015

Talking Animals: Are these signs of judgment day?

Talking Animals, Are these signs of judgment day.
Believing in judgment day is part of faith for every Muslim. Quran calls this world a temporary shelter as there is an eternal afterlife. Muslims are advised to do good deeds to earn a place in Jannat. However, this everything will happen after the judgment day.Now nothing has been said about the time and day of the end of this world but the last messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has given lot of signs about the judgment day. One of these signs is animals talking to human. Check out this video and decide whether it is sign of end of this world.Though, parrots are known for quick learners of human language but this chunk is one of its own kind. This amazing parrot is reciting a whole Surah of Quran and narrating the Azaan (call for prayer) as well. This video has taken the world by storm as it has received million of views in short span of time.However, this is not the end as we bring you another video which will make you think about the forthcoming days. This chunk is about a cat who is talking to her mistress and seems communicating successfully.This footage was recorded and uploaded by the lady herself as she was working in her kitchen when heard something in the backyard. When she approaches, a cat is sitting by the door and making sound to lock her attention. The lady was shocked to see that the cat was trying to communicate something to her.Hope you would like this video and share it with others as well. May be it is time for us to prepare for the end of times. Who knows the scientists develop some device to decode animals language one day.