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January 3, 2015

The unfortunate Twins. The birth of a child in family is mostly an event of happiness and jubliation in a family, but this is not case with every family.
Sometimes, children are not well at birth or they are very weak. in both the cases, the parents are in the trouble to make things perfect. If you are really well by birth then its the biggest gift from God.

You should always be grateful to the God who gave you complete pair of ears, eyes, hands and legs.

Those who are not perfect by birth mostly spend their life either hiding the deficiency in them or to making it correct. Parents are always in severe pain when they find their child is not a normal off spring.

Sometimes, its a temporary illness and with the passage of time things come back to normal life. But in some cases, the situation becomes very critical. Just like this lady whose twins are in a dangerous position by birth.