United Khans: Moodi In Trouble

United Khans Moodi In Trouble.“Aaap ki adalat” is a very famous programme in India. It is going on for the last 21 years. On completing it’s 21 years, there was a celebrations and jubilation time in India. The chief Guest of the show was this time President Modi. He was not expecting what was going to happen in front og him this time.Show started and Sonu Nigham invited legend Shahrukh Khan this time on the stage. However, Shahrukh who is very famous for his cunning nature, shocked the world by refusing to start the show without inviting Salman Khan who is his rival since a long time.Salman approached the stage and without any delay he called Amir Khan on the stage by shouting “Abay aaja naa!”This was the first time when the 3 legends joined each other at the same time on stage in last 3 decades. But it was the tough time for Nerender Modi who became President of India after killing thousands of innocent Muslims.Truly the 3 Khans have won millions of hearts this time!

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