Video of airplane crash

A vary sad event which shakes the whole world is the crash of an airplane. Generally we only see the remains of the accidents but some times by chance these accidents are caught on the tape.
The cause of crash mostly consists of technical reasons. When there is malfunction of any kind or in any part of airplane. The weather is also another factor.

In rainy and stormy weather it is not safe to fly an airplane. During for when visibility is poor it is not a good idea to take the flight in air.

Some times because of the fault of pilot the accident is caused. After the crash a large scale rescue operation is required to find the survivors if any and dead bodies.

Recently some mysterious incidents occurred with some commercial airplanes. In one incidents the flight of a Malaysian airplane disappeared. Nothing was found of the plane.

After this another plane of Malaysia was shot down over Ukraine. In recent even another of their flight crashed into the sea and this time it was found.

Engineers are working day and night on safety measures to make airplanes much safer then they are now.

Here the airplane crashing is shown in the video if you have strong heart you can only see it but if not then don’t try to watch this.

But is is not the real video it is prank just to make you laugh. The video is created to have a bit of fun for you people.

Where a mini toy is captured and shown to have crashed into the trees. We hope you don’t mind it and enjoy it.

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